EasyRx Announces Integration with Nexa3D’s Line of 3D Printers

December 22, 2023

ATLANTA EasyRx, a leader in universal lab prescription, digital workflow, and 3D software for dentists and orthodontists, is excited to announce its collaboration with Nexa3D, a pioneer in 3D printing and digital dentistry. By partnering with Nexa3D, EasyRx now integrates Nexa3D's additive manufacturing technology into its digital workflow, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined experience for dental labs and practices. This collaboration not only meets the demands of users for an integrated and high-tech workflow, but also sets a new standard for patient care by combining EasyRx's platform with Nexa3D's 3D printing solutions.

"We are thrilled to partner with Nexa3D, a company committed to advancing digital dentistry."

"This collaboration not only fulfills the demands of our users for an integrated and high-tech workflow, but also establishes a new standard for patient care by combining our platform with Nexa3D's 3D printing solutions”, says Todd Blankenbecler, General Manager of EasyRx

"At Nexa3D we are extremely excited about the collaboration with EasyRx. The innovation and ease of use blend efficiency with an elite experience to empower more users with boundless opportunities for production using the digital ecosystem at EasyRx and the 3D printing platform at Nexa3D.”, says Peter Wilkinson, Vice President, Dental Sales of North America for Nexa3D.

With this integration, EasyRx continues its mission of modernizing the entire lab prescription management process for dentists and orthodontists. Dental practices and labs can now minimize manual tasks through a streamlined digital workflow. This allows providers to reduce manual tasks and focus more on delivering quality patient care.

About EasyRx

EasyRx is a comprehensive case management and 3D software designed to streamline workflows and improve patient care through timely and accurate case delivery. It serves as a universal solution for lab prescription management, digital workflow, and 3D software, catering to both practices and labs. In one cloud-based platform, EasyRx allows practices to manage all patient cases, submit to any lab (commercial or in-house), and enhance operational performance. The result is a more efficient practice, an increased bottom line, and exceptional patient care. To explore how EasyRx can transform your practice's case management and digital workflows, visit easyrxcloud.com.

About Nexa3D

Nexa3D is passionate about digitizing supply chains sustainably by pushing the limits of additive manufacturing. The company makes ultrafast polymer 3D printers that deliver up to 20x productivity gains to professionals and businesses of all sizes. Partnerships with world-class material suppliers and its open materials platform unlock the full potential of additively manufactured polymers for volume production. Automated software tools optimize the entire production cycle using process interplay algorithms that ensure part performance and production consistency, while reducing waste, energy, and minimizing carbon footprint.  To learn more, visit https://nexa3d.com/.

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